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Fishing Rates
Full day charter rates for 2021 are $650 for one or two anglers, half day rates are $500. A $100/day deposit is required to secure date(s).

To book a trip, or to get additional information, I can be reached at 956-434-1422,
or email me at captainericg@msn.com

What equipment do I need?
For the majority of the fishing, a 7 or 8 weight outfit with floating line is perfect. I'd suggest a 10 to 12 foot leader with 10 to 12 pound tippet (leader length is more critical than tippet diameter). For special circumstances (tarpon, pass snook, king mackerel, cobia) a 10 weight outfit with a couple of sinking lines (say, one monocore intermediate and one Teeny 450) is more practical. If you don't have the correct tackle, I will. Other important items include polarized sunglasses with warm lenses (copper, amber, vermillion), hat, wading boots or sneakers, and sunscreen.

How well do I need to cast?
I think that speed and accuracy, at short to medium range (20 to 50
feet), are more important than sheer distance. My personal preference is normally to close the distance to a feeding fish until it's possible to put the fly right where you want it with no more than a few false casts - for some anglers, this might be 70 feet, for others, it might be 30 feet. It's an advantage to be able to put the fly in front of the fish when he's still 60-70 feet away, but I've seen lots of redfish tricked on quiet, sneaky 25 - 30 foot shots.

Do you only do fly fishing charters?
It sure seems like it! It's a rare day that I'm watching a redfish pounce on something other than feathers (what a lousy job!). On the other hand, I think that the primary pleasure associated with sight fishing is watching a visible fish pounce on anything. It's actually a fun change of pace for me to watch someone catch 'em on light tackle every once in awhile.  If you prefer lures to flies, it's not a problem and I'd be more than happy to accomodate you.

What about flies?
Like many fly fishing guides, I tie my own flies and tweak them periodically as needed ("tides are falling for the next few days, so let's do some of these guys with bead heads instead of lead eyes"), so I'll be happy to provide you with the current hotties. If you enjoy using flies from your own vise, you could do a lot worse than having an assortment of Tim Borski's excellent bonefish patterns (Borski slider, Borski swimming shrimp).

How do I get there?
You can fly into either Harlingen or Brownsville, Texas. Both of these cities are approximately 40 minutes from the Port Isabel-South Padre Island area. Private pilots can use Cameron County Municipal Airport (1-800-992-7433), approximately 15-20 minutes from Port Isabel.

Basic, mid-town lodging:  
   Day's Inn
(956) 761 7831 
   Ramada Limited (956) 761 4097
   Super 8 (956) 761 6300
North end of town, quiet, a short drive from the largest stretch of auto-accessible clear flats in the region:
   Holiday Inn Express
1 877 859 5095
   La Quinta (956) 772 7000
   Hilton Garden Inn (956) 761 8700 
   Travel Lodge (956) 761 4744
On the beach, neat as a pin, vintage surfside motel w/ restaurant
   The Palms (956) 761 1316
A private, on-the-water residence with a bunch of available bells and whistles -
   The Gray Gull 1 800 908 9011
Clean, quiet waterfront condominiums
   Las Brisas (956) 761 5111

Where will we be fishing?
South Texas redfishing has everything to do with height of tide and direction of tidal flow. Several hours difference separates the time of high and low tide at opposite ends of the lagoon, and because of the very shallow average depth, wind can modify predicted tides significantly. Accordingly, the better flats on on particular day may be a short run from the marina, and a 40 minute run north a few days later - it's all about being in the right place at the right time!

What about food and drink?

Soft drinks and water will be provided; feel free to bring sandwiches and/or snacks if you like.

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